Scrub gress in the desert on a dune. Ripples in the sand. Black and White digital print.


Since 2007 I have been a rather active amateur photographer. Mostly I do it just to enjoy the experience of exploring and discovering new things - for me is a great creative outlet.

Overtime I have moved from only shooting digital to working with 35mm, medium and large format film. It is a decidedly analogue experience going from manually calculating exposure, taking the image, developing and then finally printing it in the darkroom.

Being able to visualise the image from concept to final print yields a tremendous reward. Sometimes it doesn't and you loose that magic image forever but sometimes it does and that is amazing. And best of all, sometimes you get something that you didn't and couldn't have imagined.

I have decided to put up a small selection of my prints for sale. Silver gelatin prints are made by hand in my darkroom and digital prints are print to archival standards.

I hope that you enjoy my photos and that if you decide to purchase one, it brings you as much happiness as it did me creating it.


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